Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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5th Feb 1719/20

Annal Eliz to have a Mdm.
made on Fells Lease Wap}
This Mdm. is made on ye
back of ye Lease (N. 6.A)

Upon reading the humble Petition of Elizabeth Arnal< no role > widdow Setting forth
that She holds by Lease from the Governor s of this hospital a Tenement in
Wapping between which & the River of Thames lyeth the white Lyon
Taverne Leased by the Governor s to Elizabeth Tell< no role > who (haveing no front to
the Street only a passage under part of the petr. Tenement) applyed to the
Petr. for ye Conveineacy of hanging her Sigh on ye front of the Petr. Tenement
in consideration whereof She agreed to add 2 foot if Ground at the end of a
narrow passage which ye petr has from her Tenemt. to the River of Thames
To which ye petr. agreed Supposing Mr. Tells Lease to be for ye same
Term of years as the petr. LeaseBut that She has been Since informed
that ye said Mr. Fells Lease will expire 10 years Sooner than ye petr. Lease
And praying that a Memorandm may be made on ye Counter part of ye said
Mr. Tells Lease that a new Lease be not granted of the white Lyon
Tavern before ye petr. be heard. It is Ordered by this Court that a
Memorandm. be made accordingly on the back of ye said Counter part of ye sd
Mrs. Fells Lease.


At this Court the poor Boys hereafter named were ordered to be put
out apprentices in this hospital at the nomination of the Governor s
hereafter named vizt.

Indre dat 14th. Apr. 1720

Mathew Franklyn< no role > toTho. Swynburne< no role > P Col. Withers

Indre dat 29th. Feb. 1719/20

Timothy Lucas< no role > to George Male< no role > P Tho. Rawlinson< no role > Esqr .

Indre dat 11th. Apr. 1720

Thomas Liveings< no role > to Jeffery Gillingham< no role > P Capt. Polchampton

Thomas Stanger< no role > to P Mr Saml. Keble< no role >

Apprentices made free.

At this Court the persons hereunder named were ordered to be made
free of this City haveing served their Apprenticeships in this hospital
to the Artsmasters hereunder mentioned

Ex. & Kal.

John Raine< no role > to William Bell< no role > P Indre dat 25 o. Augt. 1701
John Wibe< no role > to Wm. Phillips< no role > P Indre dat 5 o. Janry 1712
Hercules Fenton< no role > to James Cundet< no role > P Indre dat 24 o Augt 1706
Thomas Joseph< no role > to Benjn. Crakenthorp< no role > P Indre dat 25 o. Octor. 1708
Robert Gyles< no role > to James Cundett< no role > P Indre dat 16 Augt. 1711 .

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