Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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29th. July 1720

Ekerman Rich< no role >
Seal Jno< no role >
Brett Geo< no role > }
Reprimanded for

Upon Reading a Report from the Comee of this house bearing date the 27th
day of July instant in the words following vizt.Daniel Nipp< no role >
complained of his Apprentice Richard Ekerman< no role > that he ran away the
6th. Instant and Stand till the 18th. and Phillip Gill< no role > complained of his apprentices
John Seal< no role > and George Bewer< no role > that they ran away with Ekerman and Staine
till ye 17th and that they are idle and neglect their work to go to the Bear garden
and Cudgells and they being brought before the Comee said they were in Company
with a freind who going into ye Countrey and heated em till they were
merry and then told 'em if they would go with him they Should be welcome
accordingly they did but were Sorry for their fault and promised they would
be have themselves well for the future and they being withdrawn And ye
Comee haveing considered the matter are of Opinion That ye same be And
before ye next Court and That for the future if any of the apprentices
in this hospital go to the Bear Garden or any publick wrestling Ring or
prize fighting an account of it Shall be entred in the Book of the apprentices
misbehavior and they Shall not have any part of Mr. Locks Gift This
Court haveing duely weighed and considered the said Report doth
Confirm ye sameand the Boys being brought before ye Court
were reprimanded be Mr president and acquainted with ye Order
& begging pardon upon their Knees they were sent house to their

3d. Aust 1720. left a copy at
red artsmasters have P.
James Male< no role >

Ordered That a Copy of the latter part of the sd. Report be Sent to each
artsmar . to be Set up in their Shops.

Brighton Wm< no role > .
Edwards Edwd< no role > }
apprentices at
ye HempsWorks}

William Broughton< no role > and Edward Edwards< no role > apprentices to George
< no role > were brought before the Court haveing been Comitted to
the Hemp block's by Mr. president. The Court adjourned the
Consideration of the matter to another opportunity.

S.B Ex & Kal

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