Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 240 of 5002nd December 1692

Mary Bates< no role > P Warrt. of Lord Mayor for pilfering
off wooll Key Some Hemp the goods of Mr.
Gould Meritt. in Bush Lane.

Alice Baker< no role > P Warrt. of Sr . Wm. Turner< no role >
charged by Mr. Dawson her Master for
pilfering from him and taking up bread and
Flower and other things in his name wth. out
his knowledge

John Harris< no role >
to Bethlem at
2s:6d P Weeke

Upon the humble Peticon of Elizabeth Harris< no role >
wife of John Harris< no role > for some inittigacon of the weekly
payment of Five Shillings Towards the keeping of
John Harris< no role > her Son a poor Lunatick in the Hospll. of
Bethlem her husband [..] having been distracted &
incapale of contributing towards the said Charge and
she being in a low Condicon and unable to hear the same
It is Ordered by this Court That Security being
given to pay Five Shillings & Six pence a weeke for his keeping
there for the future That then the same Shall be
accepted and the bond for payment of Five Shillings
a weeke be delivered up to be cancelled.

The 3 Beadles of
Bethlem their

Also upon the humble Peticon of the Men Servants or Beadles
of the Hospitall of Bethlem for their usuall Gratuity
given unto them of Twenty Shillings a piece for the
hale yeare ending at Michas last It is Ordered
that Mr. Trear Baker doe pay unto oath of them
Twenty Shillings [..] to be allowed Mr. Trear
in his next Account.

Nich. Gething< no role >
to be Inquired of}

Also upon the humble Peticon of Nicholas Gething< no role >
Cittizen and Glover of London Shewing That this
Court were pleased the Sixth of May last to Order
him to be Inquired of whether he was Sett upp as he
then Alleadged at Mr. Tho: Humphreys< no role > on Addle Hill
but that the being soon after taken Sicke the said Order was
never Executed and being Since removed to Mr. Clarks
in Marigold Court over against the Fountaine

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