Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 236 of 50011th November 1692

Richd. Child< no role >
chosen Artsmr .}

Also upon the sevall humble Petticons of Richard
< no role > William Atkins< no role > Weavers and Joseph Clare< no role >
Glover for one of them to be chosen and Artmaster in
the Hospitall of Bridewell in the Roome and place of
Benjamin Clare< no role > decd and they being Sevally putt
in nominacon It plainly appeared by plurality of hands
that the said Richard Child< no role > is Elected thereunto And
It is thereupon Ordered that the said Richard Child< no role >
be Admitted an Artsmaster accordingly and hold and
enjoy the roomes and Dwelling late in the holding of
the said Benjamin Clare< no role > during the pleasure of this
Court on Such Security and under such Covenants and
Agreements as are usuall in like Cases.

Edward Tookey< no role >

Also upon reading the Certificate of Mr. Thomas
< no role > and Mr. James Shuter< no role > (two of the Governors of
this Hospll.) that upon Inquiry they doe find that
Edward Tookey< no role > Clover(who was brought up Apprentice with
John Fowler< no role > Glover and Since made a Freeman of
this Citty by the Approbacon of this Court) is sett up
in his said Trade for himselfe and is a good Husband
and was at worke in his Trade and a Servant with
him and hah the same report from his Neighbours
It is Ordered by this Court that Mr. Trer Baker doe
give and pay unto his Terme pounds out of the
profitts of Mr. Locks Guift [..] the better to
enable him to manage his said Trade to be allowed
Mr. Trer in his next Account.

Charles Weaver< no role >
a Lunatick to be
Inquired into.}

Also upon the humble Petition of Mary Smith< no role > for
Sence inittigacon of the weekly payment of 5s. for
her Son Charles Weaver< no role > a Patient in the Hospitall
of Bethlem It is Ordered by this Court that the
Steward of the said Hospitall doe make inquiry into
the Condicon of the said Mary Smith< no role > and her husband
and doe give an account thereof to the next Court

Mile end
Referred to a

Also upon reading unto this Court a Report of a
Committee who have been to view the Houses belonging
to these Hosplls. at Mile end now void [..] by the Death
of Mrs. Browne the late Tenant thereof touching the
repairing and letting the same This Court doth
referre the same carke to the same Committee and

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