St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

16th April 1785 - 12th January 1787

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brought home with her and entertained Men for
the purposes of Prostitution - and that served
other Young Women who are common Prostitution
on the Town continually lodge there and are
encouraged by the said Mrs-Davies in the habit
of Prostitution - And this Examinant further
saith that in the beginning of this present
Month of January 1786 - she was a Lodger at the
House of the said Mrs-Davies in Jacksons Alley
aforesaid, that she had then been a Lodger there
for about Two Months. That on or about the 9th
9th Day of January at about 8. or 9. in the Morning
This Examinant being taken in Labor with
Child at said Mrs. Davies's House, said Mrs-
Davies ordered a Coach to be called and told
this Examinant that she must not stay there
that if she did she would be last for want of
Help, and that it would be the best way for
her to go to the Work house - That she this Ext
then told her that she had no Parish, or Settlemt.
of her own - that said Mrs. Davies then said to the
several Persons about her - "we must send
"her to some Parish, which is the Casualty Parish
"send her there" - that accordingly she was
answered by some of them Saint Martins.
"No no" said she, "Saint Clements is the best
"Casualty Parish send her there" - that accordingly
Ann Pope< no role > , a Young Woman who also Lodged at

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