St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

16th April 1785 - 12th January 1787

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Image 238 of 38627th February 1786

Saint Clement Danes


to wit Sarah Watson< no role > aged 38 years or thereabouts
upon her Oath saith that on the 19th. day of July 1785
she was delivered of a Male Bastard Child at the
House of a Mr. Blackman in Crown Court Butcher
Row which hath since been half baptized by the
name of Thomas Chapman< no role > That Robert Chapman< no role >
a Journeyman [..] Butcher who lodges at
N2 [..] 12 Stone Cutter Street is the Father thereof he
having had Carnal knowledge of this Deponents
Body sometime in the Mouth of August 1784 and
at sevl. times since at one of which times he
did beget the said Child of which she was so
delivered as aforesaid and that the said Robt.
< no role > and no other Person did beget the
said Child and that he is the Real and true
father thereof

Sworn this 27th.
day of Febry. 1786
Wm Hitchiner< no role >

Sarah [mark] Watson< no role >

taken & rescued by
Da Costa

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