St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

16th April 1785 - 12th January 1787

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Image 218 of 3869th January 1786

Said Mrs- Davies's came with this Examinant
to the End of the Court, and according to Mrs- Davies's
Orders this Examinant was conducted to the Coach
and the, and said Pope, got into same, that
the Coachman was order'd to drive to Saint Clement
Workhouse which he did, and this Examinant
paid him his fare - that whilst in the Coach
this Examinant asked said Pope what the should
"say in Case any Questions were asked her for that
she knew Saint Clements was not her Parish
That Pope then told this Examinant to say - that
she had lived with her (Pope) in Greyhound Court
(which this Examinant believers is a Court in the
said Parish of Saint Clement Danes) and was taken
Suddenly ill - That accordingly this Examinant
when she came to the Workhouse of the Parish of
Saint Clement Danes , made the of the said Pretext
to the Matron of the Workhouse, and this Examinant
believes that the said Ann Pope< no role > did the like
that the Matron told her she ought to have obtained
an Order from the Overseers before she cd. be admitted
that Pope lest this Examinant at the Workhouse and
went away with Intent as this Examinant then
thought of obtaining such Order - That during said
Popes Absence this Examinant was taken so accordingly
bad in Labor that the Matron was obliged to
order her up Stains to the Lying in Ward where this
Examinant was afterwards delivered at about two

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