Middlesex Sessions:
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September 1769

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to wit}

The Information of Samuel Griffin< no role > of
Brentford in the Parish of Ealing in the
County of Middlesex Fisherman taken
Oath this eleventh Day of September
before me Nathan Carrington< no role > Esquire
his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in
the said County

Who upon his Oath saith that on be
was sworn weeks in the afternoon he
Thomas Tichfury< no role > or Tisbury< no role > of Brent
Fisherman in his the said [..] bury or
Boat as his Parter to Fish the they
Night to London from thence to Block
Reach from thence to Woolwick from this
Long Reach and came to Billingate with
between three & five o' Clock of the More
Wednesday following & about [..]
Clock of the same Morning as [..]
to fack again about Black wall & [..]
remained fishing there all the [..]
following when they sold their Fish [..]
Woolwick Town & Met there Edward [..]
and John Hill< no role > of Brentford aforesaid [..]
& went with the in & fished together about
Greenhith purfleet & [..] ham till
was a Month when they returned to be
together & staid there till sometime in [..]
of the Wednesday following when the
hithe & met there again the said Hill
Tisbury who had gone from Brentford
Hours before there & they all en time
together between Greenwich Greebhit
last Thursday Morning when they fines
veyage & returned to Brentford that [..]
Six and seven Clock & sold Mr. Com [..]
aforesaid Fisherman two hundred of [..]
next Morning being friday last

Sworn before me the Day and
Year above written}

Nath Carrington< no role >


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