Middlesex Sessions:
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March 1760

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The Information of Mary McPherson< no role > and David
< no role > taken before me one of his Majestys Justices
of the peace for the said County

Who being severally on Oath say and first this Jus. Mary
Mr pherson for herself saith that this Day she discovered
Handkerchief six pewter plates to have been stole from her & this Jus sue pectry
her Mard servant who alls herself Elizth: Cook to have stole
the same she charged her & he then confesed the same & sayd she had paward
them with the other Jus. And this Jus David Spires< no role > for
himself saith that on the 26 of Febry to took into pawn
of the sd. Ely a Hankerchief and this Day Six plates
bad this Inf Mary Mr pherson fa herself saith that the sd.
Hankerchief and Six Plates now produced by the other Jus.
are the property of this Jus husband & stole from him
as she bols. by third Elizt.

Sworn the 4th day of
March 1760 before me}
Saunders Walch< no role >

Mary Macpherson< no role >
David Spiers< no role >

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