Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

July 1757

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By Adjournment on Thursday the 14th.

Whereas the Expence of Passing and Conveying of Rogues & VagabondsVagrants
Pursuant to the late Act of Parliament concerning such Rogues & VagabondsVagrants
is become verylargegreat and this Court taking into Consideration
what savings may be made to this Countyconcerning the
thefollowingProposalfor that Purpose ofhereafter [..] set Forth made this day made by
sameAndupon reading of a proposal of one MrJames Sturgis
< no role > to Contract for thebeing read this Court see pa 3.A. Conveying of all such Rogues
and Vagabondsat a smallerbeing read [..] Expencethan [..] has been
Practised &
Which proposal is to the purport and Effect
following that is to say

To the Worshipfull Thos. Lane< no role > Esqr . Chairman and the
Rest of his Majestys Justices of the Peace in their Quarter Sessions

The Proposals of James Sturgis Adams< no role > to Contract for the
Conveying all such Rogues and Vagabonds by Passes as
shall be Sent to the several Bridewells of Clerkenwell
and Tothill Fields in the City and Liberty of Westminster
as well as such Vagabonds as shall be directed thorough
the County of Middlesex and the said City in the way to
their respective Settlements who shall be Lodged either
at Bridewell or such other place in Town as shall be
appointed by the said Justices.

That the said Sturgis Adams will provide himself with a
Covered Cart and proper Horses and Clear the Bridewells of all

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