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October 1731

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Image 8 of 7611th October 1731

Langley Com Bucks
Saffron Hill Etc Com Midd }

to be hd Fr: 10 cl
Co: on Coth sides
App: alls



Oct Srss 1731

Middx ss

Ad General Qurtal Session pacis Din Regis tent P Com Midd apnd
Hicks Hall in St. John Street in Com Prdict Die Lune Scilt Undecimo die
Cutebris Anno Regis Din [..] Georgy Scdi Dei [..] Regis Magne
Britannie Etc [..]

It is [..] this Court That the Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor of the
Liberty of Saffron Hill Hatton Garden and Ely Rents in the Parish of St
Andrews Holborn in this County have Notice of this [..] Peticon and
Appeal, [..] and all other [..] Parties Concerned Do Attend
this Court On Fridaynext at [..] ten of the Clock in the forenoon
to hear and Abide the Judgment and Determinacon of this Court upon
and touching the said Appeal

P Cur

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