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October 1731

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Image 3 of 7614th July 1729

To the Woshipfull Bench of Justices for the County
of Middx now in Session at Hicks Hall .

The humble Petition of George Bland< no role > of Poplar Anchor
Smith and John Bland< no role > his Son


That your Petr John Bland< no role > By Indre bearing date the 14th day
of July 1729 was by and with the consent and good liking of your Petr.
George Bland< no role > his Father putt an Apprentice to John Hickman< no role > of
the Parrish of Waping Stepney (now St. George in the East ) Nailer to learn his Art of a Nailer &
him to Serve as Apprentice from thence for and during the full end
and Term of Seaven Years, And the Master therein Covenants to teath
and Instruct or cause to be taught and instructed his Said Apprentice in
the Art of a Nailer and Allow unto him good and Suffitient Meat drink
and Lodging during the Said Term of .7. Years and washing only the
latter halfe part of the Said Term of .7. years and to give him a Suit of
Cleaths at the end of the said Apprenticeshipp or five pounds in money
as by the Said Indenture may appear

That in about a Month or Six weeks after Such Binding the said
John Hickman< no role > the Master Beat and Evilly entreated the Said Apprentice
and threatned to Send him to Sea to Serve out the Remainder of his
time which the Boy fearing was prevailed on by his said Master to
be Assigned or Turned over to one Eusebius Paddington< no role > a Gardiner
without the least Notice to or consent of your Petr. George Bland< no role > the
Father, and after Such turning over in Some Short time his new Master
Paddington took Occasion to beat and very much abused the Said Boy who
there upon applyed to his Father to gett a redress and preferred a Bill of
Indictmt. agt. the Sd. Last Master Ensebius Paddington wch. was found last
Sebion but the Master hath not yet appeared thereto And by Such usuage
your Petr Ino. Bland the Apprentice is like to be frustrated of a good trade
whereby he might gett an honest reputable Lively hood and must be Still kept
in Floaths by ye Fees. his Father if not releived by this Honoble Court

Your Petr. therefore humbly pray that this honoble Court would make
an Order for the two Masters John Hickman< no role > and Ensebius Paddington
to shew Cause Same day this Sessions why the sd: Apprentice hath been
used in Such a barbarens manner and why he should not be discharged
from his Apprenticeship and the Indres delivered up Or Such other
Order for your Petr. releife as to your Worshipp Shall be thought meet.

And your Petrs. shall ever Pray [..]

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