Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 32 of 54223rd April 1784

April 1784

Employment Joseph Carter< no role > declared that he was a surveyor and
a Workmen in the Building Branch [..] that he would relinquish
all employment as a Workman in the Building branch in case he
should succeed to the said Office

Resolved that his Majestys Justices of the Peace do
now proceed to Ballot.

Jeremiah Bentham< no role > This name instance is in set 2192. , John Barnfather< no role > Joseph Girdler< no role >
Joseph Faikney< no role > , Jacob Leroux< no role > , Nicholas Forster< no role > Esqrs . were
appointed Scrutineers to examine the same and the said Ballot
being Closed.

It is Ordered that the Clerk of the Peace do attend the
Scrutineers and that they do withdraw with the Ballot to examine
the same

The Scrutineers having examined the Ballot returned
and made the following Report of the State thereof Vizt.

That 67 of His Majestys Justices of the Peace for this
County had ballotted of which number there appeared for Joseph
< no role > 32 John Matthews< no role > 14 Francis Gray< no role > 7 Richard Fleming< no role >
13 William Thomas< no role > 1 William Wickings< no role > none

Joseph Carter< no role > elected

and Sworn.

Whereupon a Motion was made that the said
Joseph Carter< no role > is duly elected Surveyor or Supervisor for the
Parishes of St John and St James Clerkenwell to see the Rules
and Regulations contained in the said Act of Parliament for
regulating Buildings Etc well and truly observed during the
Will and pleasure of the Court pursuant to the said Act which
being agreed to Resolved that Mr. Joseph Carter< no role > is
duly elected Surveyor or Supervisor of the said District
Whereupon the said Joseph Carter< no role > took the Oath directed by
the said Act for the true and impartial Execution of the
said Office.

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