Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

10th June 1713 - 17th October 1721

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has very often been on the other side and infavour of the first Order

As to the Second Paper the Commee observe in General that it is drawn
with a great deal of care, the Facts therein charged are truly and
exactly set forth and becoming Gentlemen that had a Regard to the
Publick Interest. But however the Commee think themselves
obliged to make some observacons on two Particulars therein mencon'd Vizt.

The first Regards the management of the Trustees in relacon to the 2000
borrowed of Mr Fuller, this was done at the first meeting of the Trustees
after the officers were chosen, after the business of the day Seemed to be
over, Mr Bertie the Chairman and many other Trustees being gone
away, and to carry on that business another Chairman appointed,
besides this was done in a very expeditions manner first they Order
that 2000 be borrowed and imediately (whereby other People were
Prevented from making any Proposals) they Order that the 2000
be borrowed of Mr Fuller and the better to conceal their Partiality
they add these Words "if he Please to lend the same" Tho' in
reality they have allowed Interest for his money form the very next
day which must be before any Mortgage Deeds could be executed.
And besides it appears by the Trearers Accots. that the Money was not
paid into his hands till eleven days after the Comencemt. of the
Interest nor dos it appear when the Mortgage Deeds were executed
but the Report shews how little occasion they had to borrow Money
so soon

The second Observacon the Commee make on the said Report regards the
Sum of 250 & odd Pounds charged for Passing the Act of Parliamt.
We have endeavoured to get exact Accot. of the charges but could
never receive any Satisfaction either from Mr Edwards who managed
the Affair or from the Sollicitors employed. the general Answer
was they were so much Money at last out of Pocket, and so much has
been allowed by the Trustees. But the Comittee think it Proper to
lay one Article before you (which they Collected from appear shewn
to them and by which it is easy to guess how they Swelled the charges
Vizt. 10s.9d. charged (as paid at a Tavern in Cheapside at a Meeting
of some Citizens) for the reckoning of Sr . Samuel Garrard< no role > an Alderman
of London and whose name is the first to the Peticon for obtaining the
said Act. Notwithstanding which the Trustees on the 5th. of November
1717 When they Ordered the Money to be Paid for Passing the said Act
and gave great Gratuities to the Persons concerned, to Compleat all
they Order thanks to be given to Mr Edwards for his great trouble and
Pains therein. This may Serve as an Instance how good Managers
they have been of the Publick Money and were their whole Accompts to
be Produced many more such Articles we conceive might be found and
that the rather because in another Accot. we find 30th. Augt. 1718 a charge
in their cash Book of 11s. 6d. Spent on a Commee and in the Accot. of Marsn [..]
the Surveyor we find 10.2s charged as paid for Levelling a Hill on
Hampstead Heath which hindred the Prospect of Mr Bampfield a Trustee
which we do not find has been repaid

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