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to wit.}

THE Information of Edward Adamson< no role > of Narrow Street in the
Parish of Saint Ann in the said County Chandler :
Taken this 11th Day of January 1783 before us Two
of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said County

Who being upon Oath saith that about half an hour after Eight O Clock on
Wednesday night the Eighth of January Inst. he was stopped ley
Two Men near the Horse ferry road Limehouse each of whom
held a knive to each side of his Neck and said "you Boug [..]
or Bugger if you Offer to speak a Word your head is [..]
here are the Knives at your threat." That one of the said
two Men then Asked this Informant what Money he had
about him who told him he had but one Six pence and one
Farthing which was Crooked, That he was then going to
take theMoney of hsaid Six pence and Farthing out of
his Pocket but was prevented from so doing by one of the said
Two Men who took the same out of his Pocket and his
Buckles out of his Shoes and refled his Pockets but look
nothing more than the said Six pence. Farthing and
Buckles. That during the time one of the said two Men
was refling his Pockets the other held a Knife . to her Throat
And this Informant further Saith that after they had
Committed the said Robbery they asked him if he would
Swear upon the Bible that he would not speak a Word for
half an hour. to which he Answered he would not They
then asked the same Question again to which he returned the same
Answer. They then both went away from Informant and after
they had got some little distance Informant called out Stop Thief
whereupon they both ran away, and Informant pursuing
them and crying out Stop Thief . One of the said Two persons & who
[..] th himself John Kelly< no role > now here present was Stopped by Anthony Heaton< no role >
and Secured, And this Informant lastly Saith that the said
John Kelly< no role > was one of the said Two persons who stopt him and
put him in Bodily fear and is the very person who took the six
pence the Farthing and his Buckles from him

Taken and Sworn the day and Year
first above written before [..] me}

Edwd. Adamson< no role >

Petr Greene< no role >

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