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Middlesex to Wit

The Information of James Adey< no role > of Castle Street
Leicester Fields Leather Seller-George Puller< no role >
of Castle Street aforesaid Servant to the said
James Adey< no role > -William Bailey< no role > of No. 28
Little Newport Street Newport Market Leather
Seller & William Crossell< no role > of Charleton Street
near Oxford Street Pawn broker taken before
me this 3rd. day of January 1783

Who being upon Oath say and first the said James
< no role > says that thirty seven Morocco Skins now produced are this
Informants property-The said George Puller< no role > says that the
said Skins were stolen out of the Parlour of this Informant
Masters Shop in Castle Street aforesaid on Thursday Evening
the 19th. of December last - and the said William
< no role > says that one Rain a Shoemaker who lives in
Clipstone Street came to this Informants House on the
27th. instant with one of the said Morocco Skins and
said he had a Quantity of Skins to Sell and that they
were the property of a Friend of his just by who
employed him to Sell them-That he appointed to meet
said Rain the Same Evening which he did-when said Rain
went with him to the House of William Crossell< no role > now
present where he seized all the said Skins-and the
said William Crossell< no role > thatsays that on the twenty third
day of December last a person now present who calls
himself John Jones< no role > brought the said Skins to this Informant
at his House in Charleton Street and pledged them with him for three
Guineas, telling this Informant at the same time that he (Jones) had
been desired to pawn them by the Owner, who owned him Money & was
in Distress; and had left them in his Custody as a Security for his

Sworn before me this
3rd. day of January 1783}

Sampn Wright< no role >

James Adey
< no role >
Wm. Bailey< no role >
William Crossell< no role >

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