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Middlesex to wit.

The Information of Charles Joseph Douglas< no role > Esqr . of
Witton Hall in the County of Dunham taken
before me this 28th. day of December 1782.

Who being on Oath says as this Informant was going into
the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden this Evening, he perceived
a person now present who calls himself George Barrington< no role > This name instance is in set 525.
behind him. That when the Door opened leading to the Pit, the
said George Barrington< no role > pressed hard against this Informant,
at which instant this Informant felt his Watch go out of
his fob and catched the said George Barrington< no role > 's Right hand
in this Informant's Right hand Breeches pocket. That upon
this Informant laying hold of said Barrington's hand, he
jumped from him and ran away, but was immediately secured.
And further says he is very sure that the said George
< no role > feloniously stole his said Watch.

Sworn before me this
28th. day of Decemr. 1782.}

Sampr Wright< no role >

Chas. Jor. Douglas

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