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Ann Downes< no role >
Mary & Mathew Jemeson< no role >
James in< no role >
Catherine Riley< no role >
Mary Yates< no role > }
[..] Severally Convicted of Petit Lurceny are [..]
Ordered to be spenly and Publickly White until their
Bodies are bloody and Discharged

Isaac Sheffield< no role >
Acquitted of Felony But it appearing to the Court on his
Tryal that the had been Guilty of affrand And the Prosr.
being present here in Court to bound a Recognizance
to prosecute the said Isaac Sheffield< no role > for the said Fraud
is referred to the Right Honble th Lord May or for
Bail for his Personal appearance at the next Session to
be holden at Hicks Hall in and for the County of Middlesex
to answer the Offence afd. And that two days Notices
such Bail be given to William Kitchen< no role > the prosecutor
in the mean time and then the be Discharged

John Hunter< no role >
Acquitted of Felony But it appearing to the Court on
the Oath of William Rogers< no role > the prosecutor from the many
threat made use of by the said John Hunter< no role > towards him
some great Bodily harm from the said John Hunter< no role > [..]
referred to the Right Hble the Lord Mayor Until the shall
have found Sufficient Sureties for his keeping the
peace towards all his Majesty's he [..] people and
Especially towards the said William Rogers< no role > for the space
of twelve Months and then be Discharged

Ann Lucas< no role >
John Dean< no role >
John Caton< no role >
Joseph Brush< no role >
Sarah & James Pixley
Abigail Bradley< no role >
John Nicholas< no role > Venables
Charles Charles< no role >
Mary Kenzie< no role >
Charles Johnson< no role >
Sarah Johnson< no role >
[mark] Mary Long< no role >
[..] Joseph Brown
Sarah & Lawrence Tereling
Hart Jacobs
John Wood< no role >
John Bagnall< no role >
Shepherd Stratton
John Lister< no role > This name instance is in a workspace.
Isaac Pemberton< no role >

Jud H H

Emqunel Levy
Wm. Herwine als Jno. Calvert
William Millar< no role >
Judith & Michael Corkling
Robert Brick ConittedCommitted name Francis Giddy< no role >
Elias ChubbComitted by name Wm. Powell
Frances Scott< no role >
{ Elizabeth Page< no role >
William Canstin
Peter Mc. Carty
Sarah Norser< no role >
William Cadwell< no role >
Henry Jones< no role >
William Doughty< no role >
Elizabeth Harper< no role >
Rebecca Phillips< no role >
Martha Meader< no role >
Mary Wood< no role >
Mary Biker< no role >
Solomon Gundy< no role > Comitted by Name Wood
William ThirbyCom by name Robt So [..]
James Benj. Dewxell als
James Dewxell}
[mark] Joseph Brush< no role > }
Acquitted of Sevl. Felonies Forgeine Robberies
Burglaries and Grand Larcenies and Discharged

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