St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 83 of 45511th April 1765

At a Vestry held on Thursday 11th. April
1765 .

Present Mr. William Kippax< no role >
Mr. John Haydon< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr. Peter Pope< no role > Mr. James Green< no role > Mr. Francis Leech< no role >
Mr. Henry Newton< no role > Mr. Geo: Maynard< no role > Mr. Chas. Long< no role >
Mr. John Chauntrell< no role > . Mr. James Hebert< no role > Mr. Edwd. Colson< no role > .
Mr. Edward Kent< no role > Mr. Henry Gretton< no role > Mr. Willm. Lem.
Mr. Thomas Hudson< no role > Mr. John Froud< no role > Mr. Patk. Baxter< no role >
Mr. Peter Dutton< no role > & Mr. John Cooper< no role > .

This Vestry was held pursuant to public Notice
given in the Church for the Choice of Parish Officers
and upon other Affairs.

Ordered that the Order of Vestry made the 23d.
January last be now read and the same was read

Ordered that the said Order Be Confirmed

Minutes of
Parish Workhouse

Then Mr. Church Warden William Kippax< no role >
produced and read in his place the Minutes of the
Parish Workhouse from the First of May 1764 to the
present time.

After which this Vestry proceeded to the Choice
of Parish Officers of the year ensuing.

Church Wardens

And Mr. John Haydon< no role > was put up to serve the
Office of Upper Church Warden and Chose.

Then Mr. William Lem< no role > was put up to serve the
Office of Under Church Warden and Chose.

Collectors of Poor

And Mr. John Barnard< no role > and Mr. Joseph Kippax< no role >
were severally put up to serve the Offices of Collector's
for the Poor and Sidesmen and Chose.

Engine Keeper

And Mr. John Bennett< no role > was Chose Organist and
Mr. John Cooper< no role > Keeper of the Fire Engines.

Bellows blower< no role >
Parish Warder

Then John Iselton< no role > was put up and Chose,
Sexton, Bellows Blower, and Parish Warder.

Ordered That it be left to the discretion of
the present and succeeding Church Wardens to allow
him a Sum not exceeding One Guinea as a Gratuity
over and above his Salary.

Parish Clerk

Ordered That a Sum not exceeding Twenty
Pounds ten Shillings be paid to Mr. John Winter< no role >
Oswin the Parish Clerk for one Year Ending at
Lady Day last, not as a fixt Salary but as a Gratuity

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