St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Sacrament Money reced 1731.
May. 3d. By Cash reced P Mr. Hay's Note-..5..7
June. 7th: By Cash reced P Do1..2..4
July. 5th: By Cash reced P Do-..7..-
Augt.. 1. By Cash reced P Do-..14..4
Sept. 5 By Cash reced P Mr. Hen: Pelletts Note1..1..10.
Octo. 3d. By Cash reced of Mr. Hay P Note-..11:4
Nov: 7. By Cash reced & Dr. Smiths Note1..4..-
Decr. 6 By Cash reced P Do1..1..-
25. By Cash reced P Do1:5..-
Janry 2 By Cash reced P Do-..13..-
Feb: 7. By Cash reced P Do1..-..-
March. 6. By Cash reced P Do1..15..4
April 2 By Cash reced P Do-..10..6
10 By Cash reced P Mr. Hay's Note1..14..3

Sacrament Money Distributed as follows.
To Priss: Parr-..13..6.
To Mrs. Drossland-..15..-
To Mary Tilbury< no role > -..7..6
To Mary Fairbrother< no role > -..14..-
To Eliza: Wilson< no role > -..7:6
To Mary Ruott< no role > -..7..-
To Mrs: Rust and Wife-..11..6
To Mrs: Poole-..12..-
To Rath: Brown-..4:6
To Eliz: Gray< no role > -..6..-
To Jame Hutcheson< no role > -..7..-
To Sarah Geary< no role > -..9..-
To Eliza: Davison< no role > -..6..-
To Francis Bunting< no role > -..5..6
To Sarah Wooles< no role > -..7..-
To Mrs: Compere-..1..-
To Mary Carter< no role > -:5:6
To Southgate -:4:10
To Steadman-:2..-
To Widdow Brown-..7..-
To Tho: Banister< no role > -:10..-
To Martha Taylor< no role > -:4..-
To Mary Malin< no role > -:5:-
To Widdow Nason-:10..-
To Spillar-:5:-
To the Gift on St. Thomas's Day2..10..-
To Several Poor Objects and Famelies1:7:11

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