St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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[..] ber 5th: To Mrs Parr P Mr Cooke00-08-00
6: To Mr Cooke Whiskin Etc:00-19-04
gber 3. To Ditto00-16-06
To A Poor Man Burned by fire00-02 -06
xber 1st To Mr Cooke Etc:00-10-09
To Mr Lonet00-02-00
21 To Money pts as appeares P vestry Booke03-00-00
To Mr Gottfords uncle & A decayed family00-05-00
24: To severall poor people00-05-00
25: To Mr Cooke, Whiskin Etc:00-16-06
To A poor farmely in want00-05-00
Janry 5th. To Mr Cooke00-11-08
To A Seaman Lately A prisoner In France00-01-00
To two men sufferers by An Innudation00-02-06
Feb 1st To Three Poor people In distresse00-03-00
To Mr Cooke Etc00-10-00
5 To A ministers widow & A Poor men00-03-00
March 1st To Mr Cooke, Whiskin Etc00-11-02
6 To Mary Nation 12th, 2 poor Soldiers 12d00-02-00
11 To Mr: Fox A decayed silkman Att Mr. Cooke Request00-02-00
April 5th To Mr: Cooke Etc.00-06-06
To A Parr farmely Att Mr: Pentone Request00-05-00
10 To Mr Whiskin & Fox when distributed ye Lady Harveys Gift00-10-00
To Mr: Palmer00-05-00
To Mr Cooke Whiskin Etc01-05-00
10th To Mary Nation & other poor woman00-01-06
To A poor Clergy man00-02-06
1696 4th To Two poor women00-02-06
To Mr Lonett00-02-06
18 To A poor man In distresse00-02-06
19th: To Mr Cooke Whiskin Etc00-05-06
May 3rd: To ditto00-07-03
4 To a decayed house keeper00-02-06
To A poor Family in Mr. Powell Request00-05-00
To Mrs. Parr00-15-00
To Mrs Deeves00-10-00
To Mr: Whiskin 5d & Mrs Fox 5d00-10-00
To Mrs. Martin00-05-00
To Mr Coates00-05-00
To Mr: Bell00-05-00
To Mrs: Palmer00-15-00
To Mrs Wagstaffe00-05-00
To Mrs Raniff00-02-06
To seaverall Posphe in distresse01-00-00
To Mr: Hamond00-15-00
To Mrs: Jackson00-10-00
To Mr: Gattfords uncle00-10-00
To Mary nation00-10-00
To A poor woman yt: hath se [..] Children00-05-00
To Mrs Ivery00-05-00
Tot 25 06 01

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