St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

14th April 1766 - 17th February 1804

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Image 363 of 65230th May 1786

Saint Botolph Aldgate London

At a Vestry held in the said Parish
Church on Thursday the 22d. day of J [..]


Mr Wm. Baker< no role >
Mr John Chamberlain< no role > } Churchwardens

Mr Thomas Walker< no role >
Mr W Edward Rogers< no role > } Overseers

Mr Peter Astie< no role > ,
Mr Thomas Smith< no role > ,
Mr John Haskew< no role > Junr.
Mr George Burchall< no role >
Mr Parry
Mr Robert Young< no role >
Mr Hilton

Mr James Thompson< no role >
Mr Edward Gibbs< no role >
Mr Edward Colebatch< no role > ,
Mr Thomas Bull< no role >
Mr Sugden
Mr Benjn Curtis< no role >
Mr. William Layton< no role >

Mr Wm Wind< no role > [..]
Mr Nich: Thos. [..]
Mr Stu [..]
Mr Silvester Lo [..]
Mr Benjn Cott< no role >
Mr Thos King< no role > [..]

The Churchwardens Overseers of the Poor & Vestrymen new of
Ascertained the Sum of Six hundred and
Pounds to be raised within the
Limits of this Parish for the relief and Employm [..]
the Poor within this Parish for Thirteen Weeks fro [..]
fifth day of April last

The Churchwardens informed this Vestry that [..]
have Executed to Mr. Joseph Burton< no role > a Lease of the
No.78 (next the Red Cross Alehouse) in the Minories
Ordered at the Last Vestry, which was approved of

Mr William Baker< no role > , Mr John Chamberlain< no role > , Mr [..]
Young and Mr Nicholas Thomas Nash< no role > were now [..]
and appointed Trustees of the East India Annish [..]
belonging to this Parish which were purchased [..]
the Legacy of One hundred Pounds bequeathed by [..]
Will of the Late Mr Robert Radford< no role > deceased.

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