St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th July 1767 - 13th December 1800

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Image 108 of 23825th April 1787

The Master of the Workhouse also Reported that a
Female Child dropped at Mr Windsor's Door in the Min [..]
supposed to be about four days old was taken into [..]
Workhouse on the nineteenth day of February last [..]
died therein on the Twenty first day of said February

And that Elizabeth Martin< no role > a Bastard aged
two years Six Months and two days was admitted
into the Workhouse on the Sixth Instant.

Ordered that the before named Eleanor Cliffin< no role >
and Elizabeth Poole< no role > be sent to Nurse Varwell's at [..]
Barking sideAnd that Elizabeth Smith< no role > ,
Mary Elizabeth Colay, & William Hicks< no role > and the
aforesaid dropped Female Child
do remain in the
Workhouse until the next Meeting, or further on [..]

And that Elizabeth Martin< no role > be continued in the Work [..]
until sent to the Lordship Part of this Parish [..]
which she belongs.

At a Meeting of the Guardians of the
Infant Parish Poor held in the Workhouse
on Wednesday the 25th. day of April 1787


Mr John Chamberlain< no role >
Mr Robert Young< no role > } Churchwarden

Mr John Watts< no role >
Mr William Coles< no role >
Mr. William Baker< no role >

The Master of the Workhouse Reported that
Elizabeth Martin< no role > (a Bastard) has since the last
Meeting of the Guardians been removed to the
Lordship Part of this Parish to which she belongs

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