St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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Disbursements P Sundry's continued


To Expences at Bethlem for the getting out of Mrs Creswell2 4 [..]
To the Discharge of a Warrant-..1 - [..]
To Expences treating with Mr Bowers about his payments - [..]
To the two Searchers-..5 [..]
To Expences at the Hoop Tavern with the Committee-..6.. [..]
To the Children of the Workhouse - [..]
To the Little Children in the Workhouse -..1.. [..]
To Mr Mile that makes the Childrens Cloaths [..]
To Old Williams that keeps the Door [..]
To the Beadles of Christ Church Hospital -..5 [..]
To the five Warders their Quarters Sallary1..5 [..]
To Mr. Hunt for burying Nine poor persons-..4..6 [..]
To Expences at the Bell Tavern with the Committee-..18 - [..]

To Expences with the Church Wardens of Cripplegate they giving us Notice of an
Appeal concerning Mr. Eliotts Sister-}..6..6 [..]

To Eighteen poor persons the Nobles given by Esqr Webster6 - [..]
Expended at a Meeting of the Committee on Phillips Affair-..4.. [..]
Expences with Justice Poulson-..1.. [..]
To Ditto on Meeting Mr. Wilson Brazier and Bentham on Phillips Affair-..10.. [..]
To the Beadles of St. Thomas Hospital -..5.. [..]
To a Bill by Thomas Groves< no role > for Rolls Butter and Wine on St. Thos Day in the Vestry -..12.. [..]
To Mr. Heckford for half a years Ground Rent due Michmas last25..- [..]

To Expences with the Church-Wardens of St. James Garlick Hill giving me
Notice of an Appeal} -..6..6 [..]

To Expences at the Crown Tavern being a Vestry1 - [..]
To Expences with Mr. Boswell and others at Mr Boseleys-..1..6 [..]
To Mr Bentham for Interest of 300 due to Mrs Hall15..- [..]
To Expences taking the Boy out of Hospital-..3 - [..]

To Do with Mr. Cross and Mr. Wilson asking some Questions concerning one
Beck which appeared that he belonged to the lower End} -..2 [..]

To the Bell Man for crying the Child that was left at the Workhouse Door-..2- [..]

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