St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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Disbursements Pr. Sundry's Continued


Expended when the Defaulters were Summoned before the Alderman for Non Payment of the
Poor Rate} - 8 9

Expended in getting a Boy out of the Parish- 1S 10
Expended in going to Seize Mr Roses Goods for not paying his Poors Rate- 1S 6
Expended at a Meeting in Letting the Little Shops under the Church1 6 10

Expended at Ten Severall Meetings at Sundry Places in the parish with Severall of the
Antients in Order to get Fines from the Severall Inhabitants for the Offices of Overseer of
the Poor And for Renter and Upper Church-Wardens
5 15 1

Expended on Receiving Mr Blake And Mr Worsters Fines for the Little Shops1 6S -
Do. On Receiving Esqr Garfords Gift- 4 4
Do. On Executing Mr Reynolds Writings and Receiving Mr Runtons Fine- 8 1
Expended Giving away Esqr Garfords Gift with the Trustees- 4 6
Expended at a Vestry being Election Day2 - -
Expended Getting Man into the Workhouse being an Imposter- 8 6
Expended at Mr Jollys in Receiving Rent1 14 6
Expended more than the half Crowns in Receiving All the Fines1 16 9

Spent in Setling the Account with Mrs Mitchell about the Workhouse after her Husbands
Deaths} - - 10

Gave Mrs Mitchell 2S/6D And Mr Miller 1S- 3 6
For Collecting Parish Rents2 - -
Expended in Setling my Account for the Audit- 8 10
Paid for a Book to Enter the Account- 2 6
Expended at the Auditing this Account2 - -

Paid Mr Bentham Clerk of the Vestry for One Years Sallary and his Bill for Sundry Business
done for the Year 1732
14 10 -

Drawing and Entring this Account.1 - -

Disbursements Pr. Travelling Passes1..8 7
Disbursements Pr. Hospitall Charges1..11..6

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