St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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The Particular Account of the Receivings and Disbursements of John Fawcett< no role > Upper Church
Warden of the Freedom part of the Parish of St. Botolph without Aldgate London Anno Domini 1733

Receivings P Wards Rents

Reced of Mr Moore for One Year and an halfs Ground Rent for the Houses in Barrs Precinct late
Mr. Hyatts due Michmas 1733

Do. of Mr. John Stuart< no role > for one Years Ground Rent for House in the Minories due Lady day 1734 10..- -
Do. of Mr. Charles Reynolds< no role > for Do in Aldgate High Street due Do.20.. - -
Do. of Mr. John Blake< no role > for one Years Rent for the Little Shops due Do.10..- -
Do. of Mr. Worster one Years Rent due Do.3..- -
Do. of Mr. John Pepyat< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. Executor of Mr. Deacon one Years Rent due Do25..- -

Do. of Mr. Crowder for one Years Rent for his Shops under Sr. John Coss's Charity School
Due Do.
30..- -

Do. of Mr. Edward Jolly< no role > for one Years Rent for premisses in London Prentice Yard in the
Minories due Do.
17..- -

Do of Mr. Groves for one Years Rent for the Watch-house due Do6..10..-
Do. of Mr. Charles Reynolds< no role > for one of the Little Shops due Do2..- -
Do. of Mr. Groves for one Years Rent for the Pall10..- -

Receivings P Donations

Esqr . Gooches Gift from Christ Hospital 5..- -
Mr. Says one Year1..- -
Mr. Dumbs Do. by Mr. Harrison5..- -
Mr. Price and Owen by Mr. Boughton9..4..-
Sr. John Fenners< no role > from Ipswich our Moiety4..14..6
Esqr Websters Gift (Nobles)6..- -
Esqr Garfords Gift (Nobles)6..13..4
Mrs. Trumble from Christ Hospital our Moiety2..10..-
Mr. Friends Gift from Croydon (by Mr Alderton)1..12..-

Receivings P Moneys arising upon Auditing

Reced Mr. Richard Foster< no role > the Ballance of his Renter Wardens Account£8..1..1

Receivings continued

Reced Communion Money9..8..7
Do. for the Precept issued out for Coals by Mr. Darby Beadle11..8..

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