Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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Image 517 of 52427th February 1750

Continued Wed. 27th. Febry 1750/1


ButterSusannah< no role >


HatcherAlice< no role > }
P Lord Maylor being charged on the Oath of
Simon Baskerwille< no role > One of the Overseers of the poor
of the Parish of St Dunston in the West & Wm.-
William Atwood< no role > for being loose Disorderly P sons wandering & begging
with a Counterfit pass.


AdleySamuel< no role >


PughRichard< no role > }
P My Lord Mayor being charged on the Oath of-
John Atkins< no role > in belonging to the London Workhouse -
for being Rognes and Vagabonds wandring and
Misbehaveing himselves in this City after being sent as Vagrants
to their legal Settlements


Mendez Moses Esqr. Govr rend his charge

At this Court the Charge. was read to Moses Mondes< no role > Esq as
a Governor of these Hospitals

Cricket. Joshua To be enquired.
after for Locks Gift}
Upon Reading the humble Petition of Joshua Cricket< no role > Weaver
Setting forthThat the Petitioner Served his Apprenticeship in this
Hospital to Mr Thomas Heil< no role > one of your Worships Artsmaster s by
Indre dated the 17th. day of May 1743 he was made free of this City
the 17th. day of July lastand is Set up for himself in his said Trade
at Mr. Woods in Salisbury Court but wanting further Assistance
And praying the Governors to be slow on him some part of Mr Locks Gift
the better to enable him to carry on his said TradeAnd the Court being
informed that the Comittee of this House on the of Janry
last Inspected the book kept of Apprentice behaviour and found no
Complaint against himIt is Ordered That Mr William Hart< no role > Mr Samuel
< no role > n and Mr. Charles Cotton< no role > three of the Governors of these Hospitals or
any two of them be desired to enquire whether the said Joshua Cricket< no role >
be set up for himself in his said Trade and of his hope fullness therein and
made their Report to the next Court.

Hogarth Mr. His opinion to be asks
at pandons my proper in ye Chappell }

Dr John Monro< no role > and Moses Medez< no role > Esq are desired to Ask Mr. Hogarth
what printing he thinks wou'd be proper for the Altor in the Chappell of this
Hospital and to Report to the next Court.

Marcht. [..] brot. Assists are Required
to make Jno Jones free of ye Corpn

whereas at a Court holden at this Hospital the 2d. day of Febry 1749 It was Ordered
that John Jones< no role > be made free of this City having Served his Apprenticeship to
Robert Hadwen< no role > Citizen and Merchant Tailer one of the Arts mastors in this Hospital
It is now Ordered That Mr Taylor do Attend the Court of Assistant of the Merchant
Taylors company and Acquaint them It is the request of this Court They will
please to Admit the said John Jones< no role > to the Freedom of the said Company (paying
2s & 6d for the Orphans Duty) in Order to his being made free of this City

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