Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th December 1722 - 15th December 1737

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Image 383 of 49114th August 1735

Thursday 14th August 1735

At this Court all the Officers and Servants of these Hospitals are
confirmed and the following Artsmasters are also confirmed vizt

James Waldo< no role > Hempdresser

Allen Page< no role >
John Burnham< no role >
Nathl: Whitemore< no role >
Benj Thatcher< no role >
William Philips< no role >
Oabdiale West< no role >
George Male< no role >

John Ward< no role > Taylor

Thomas Machin< no role >
William Cook< no role >
John Jeffery< no role > } Weavers

Jeffery Gillingham< no role > Pinmaker
John Smith< no role > Weaver
William Wenden< no role > Shoemaker
Sutton Sharpe< no role > Needlemaker
William Spencer< no role > Framework Knitter
James Vaughan< no role > Weaver

Portersman to insert in
P Ticketts his Election

Order'd That it be inserted in the Ticketts of the next Court and
to elect a Porter's man in the room of Thos. Cole< no role > deced

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