Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th December 1722 - 15th December 1737

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14th August 1735


ArmitTheoLicense to let Ground in Brid Precinct
to ye New River Compn}

AshwellJohn£10Locks Gift7
ArtsmasterNone to be admitted till Enquiry made of his Character 15
AndrewsJohnEsqr. Nominated a Govr. fo (23) Confirme'd29
Doreced his Charge31
AlexanderMr. WmNominated a Govr. (fo. 41) Confirm'd 55
AmbroseLawrenceto be made free44
ArmittTheophiluspet for an Additional Term
to his Leace referr'd to the Comee}

DoComees Report abt his Leace Confrim'd &
his to have 30. Yrs added to his Lease}

AmbroseLawrence-pet for Locks Gifrfo (63) order78
AynsworthMr StephenNominated a Govr. (fo. 66) Confirm'd 87
DoReced his Charge89
AtkinsAnnepet for Charity ref to Comee to report90
AylesfordThe Earl ofNominated a Govr (fo. 66) Confirm'd 82

AlingtonMarmaduke Esqrthanks for Obtaining a License
to Inclose ye Ground for Building for Jnemables}

AtkinsMary [..] Comees Report relating to her Petition Conf. 106
AyleffeMr JosephNominated a Gosr. (fo: 136) Confirmd152
AndrewsWilliamto be made free141
AndrewsAlexanderto be Apprentice151
ActonOliverStewardhis Security approvd of152
AstyFrancis Esqr.Nominated a Govr. (fo. 157) Confirm'd 162
AyliffeMr. JosephReced his Charge as Govr.160
ArtmarsElection in ye. room of Nipp at ye. next Court (162) 167

ApplebyMr. ChrisTo have a Leese in Bridewell precinct
No. 31. (Pert) & No. 36}

AslettSamuelto be made free167
AstyFrancis Esqr.reced his Charge as Govr172
AbdySr. Robt. Barrt.Nominated a Govr. (fo: 178) Confirmd 181
AndleyDr.Nominated a Govr. (fo. 178) Confirmd181
AlsopRobt. Esqr. Aldn . Elected Trear178

DoTo allow him £50 a year till a convenient house
be got for him}

AndrewsWmPotn for Locks Gift (fo 204) Order211
ApprenticesRiot comitted by themreferr'd212

ActonoliverSteward to resire ye Justices to write on ye Warts of
Comittmt where ye prosecutor lives}

ApprMr Trears Report of a Riot comitted by them216
ApthorpeMr NichsRegay to Bethlem233
AlcockMrs MaryTo have a Lease of she in Bri prcinct 235

ApprList of what Appr each Artsmar has dought to
have to be laid before ye Comee}
ArtsmarElection in ye room of John till Leced259

RurblerMr HumphryPetr for a Lease of ye Blue Boar in
Bridewell Precinctreferred}

AgarRichd EsqrNominated a Govr (fo 301) Confirmed
AynscombPhilip EsqrNominated a Gor (fo 301) confirmed 307

ArtsmarRefusing to take an Appr directed by the Court
to be expected}

doRefusing an Appr directed by ye Comeeto be reported
to ye Court}

AllberryFrancisto be put Appr308
Apprenticescontinued to labour till ye next Court311

Advertisemtsto be inserted in ye News paper for erecting
a New Building at ye west end of Bethlem for

AynscombePhilip Esqr.reced his charge as Govr315
Artsmar.Read Fra discharged the House320
AssistantReaderJenkins JohnElected321
AndleyDrreced his charge as Govr324

ApprenticesMethod to regulate their behaviour

Annuitys So SeaThe money paid by Mrs Longford to
be vested therein}

Artsmar.Order for an Election332
ApprenticeBlant Calebcontinued at ye Hempblocks 336

ArtsmarVaughanJamesNotice to be inserted in
ye Tickets for ye Court to consider whether
he shall be admitted into ye Hospl}

ArtsmarThe Clerk to lay before ye Comee ye orders
for ye behaviour of them & ye appr}

ApprenticeHarrison Richdcontinued at ye Hempblocks 339
AlcockMaryLease of 2 Houses in Bri Precinct339
Accountsa short day appointed to Accidet them342
Auditorsadded, to Audit ye Accounts342

ArmitMaryPetn. to let Ground in Bri Precinct

Artsmarsthat dye or leave ye Hosplthey or their
Exors to maintain their Apprentices}

ArmetMaryTo have Licence to assign her Term in a
Wharf in Bridewell Precinct}

ApplebyXpherTo have a Lease of No 31 36 37 in
Bridewell precinct}

Artsmar.Notice of Election to be inserted in ye Ticketts 361
DoTo consider what Security they shall give 361

ArbuthnellAnnPetnfor an addll. term of (No 22. 23) in Wapping

AccountsJune appointed for auditing them 370

AdvertisemtFor Utting old Buildings Bri Prcinct referr'd
to ye Cat [..] }

AnnesonWmTo be putt Appr379
AccountsState of both Hospitals at Xmas 1734383
ArbuthnottannOrder for a New Lease of No 22 23 a [..] 383

ArnahThos a ElizPetn for 2 houses in Wapping No. 5. 6

AkersJosephTo be put appr388

ApprenticesThat putt or spoil their Cloaths [..] not
to have Locks gift

Docomee to consider of some Method to
Prvent Disturbances by them}

DoDisorderlyto be corrected by ye Comee 397
ArlesfordEarl ofReced his charge as Govr414
AsgillMr JohnNominated a Govr (fo 426) Confirmed (429)
AlingtonKildebrand Esqr.Nominated a Govr (fo 426) Confirmed
AndertonMr JamesNominated a Govr (fo 426) Confirmed
AnnesleyWm EsqrNominated a Govr (fo 426) Confirmed

DoNominated by a request in the [..] ting not to be a [..]
for future Nomination}

AlsopAldrTrear his deate declared431
AsgillMr Johnreced his Charge as Govr432
AndertonMr Jamesreced his Charge as Govr434
AccountsState of both Hospls at Xmas 1735434
AnnesleyWm Esqrreced his charge as Govr.437

AraallElizTo have a Lease of ye White Lyon at

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