Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Currently Held: Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives

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Image 443 of 50019th December 1694

Bridewell &
London }

At a Court holden at Bridewell Hospll
on Wednesday the 19th December 1694

Sr . Robt. Gefferys< no role > . Knt . & Alderman Presidt .

Mr. Trear
Sr . Robert Adams< no role >
Mr. White
Mr. Talman
Mr. Samll. Baker< no role >
Mr. Tuckfield
Mr. Shepard
Mr. Butterfield
Mr. Burrow
Mr. Rons
Dept. Sherrard
Majr. Essington
Mr. Jos: Woolfe< no role >

Mr. Turvin
Mr. Depty Gurdiner
Mr. Underhill
Mr. Empson
Mr. Bland
Aldrman Kiffen
Mr. Wilmott
Mr. Hallett
Mr. Yearbury
Mr. Godding
Mr. Beling
Mr. Slaughter
Mr. Bettison

Robin (a Black) P Warrt of Sr . Robt. Gefferye< no role >
To Labr :

Abraham Harris< no role > P Warrt of Lord Major

Return to ye. House went

George Biggs< no role >
Isaac Rogers< no role >
Thos: Bennett< no role >
Ann Allen< no role > &
Eliz: Wright< no role >
P Warrt of Mr. Recordr
pun & to be pasd

Edward Grinaway< no role > P warrt. of Sr . Robt. Gefferye< no role >

Frances Jefferyes< no role > p warrt. of Sr . Wm. Ashurst< no role >

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