Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 438 of 50012th October 1694

p ann, and taking a New Lease of the same prmisses
for the Terme there in now to come at the like Rent
of 12. and 10s: more yearly for the incroachmts (in the
same Report menconed That then the arrears of the
25s. p ann menconed in the same Report be remitted
and the Bond and Covt. for the same Discharged This
Court upon Consideracon and Debate of the said Report
Doth think fitt to confirme the same with this addition
only That one year and a quarter more then is above sd.
be added to the first he remmenconed Lease over and
above the aforesaid Terme of Six Years soe as to make
She Termes of the aforesaid 2 Leases equall and the
expiracon thereof to be at the same time And the same
is confirmed and Ordered accordingly

Mr. Blandfords house
in Fowks Cort: goods to
the left therein at
Expiracon of Lease

Also the Report of a Comittee who has treated
with one Mr. Brown Assignee of an house in Fowks
Court now in the occupacon of One Mr. Bland ford touching
Severall goods and things to be left in the same house
at the expiracon of the Lease now in being thereof
(wth. will be at Xmas next) is confirmed by this Court

Alice James< no role >
at 2s.

Also upon the humble Peticon of Peter James< no role > for
some mittigacon of the weekly paymt. of Five Shillings
for the keeping of Alice James< no role > his Wife a poor Lunatick
in the Hospitall of Bethlem he having nothing of his
own whereby to maintaine himselfe and the said
Charge of his said wife, but his own Labour and
industry It is Ordered by this Court That Security
being given to pay Two Shillings a weeke for her keeping
there for the future That then the same shall be
accepted and the Bond for paymt. of Five Shillings
a weeke be delivered upto be cancelled.

Benj. to be made

Walker Powell< no role > to be made free

New Governr .

Mr. Stephen Cook< no role > Mercht . by Mr. Turvin

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