What's New (March 2018)

Changes to London Lives, version 2.0, March 2018

  • User accounts and workspaces have now been restored. To create a user account see How to Register. Registered users can once again use workspaces, but material that was in workspaces before August 2016 has not been restored.
  • The Copyright and Citation Guide has been updated to refer to the Creative Commons Non-Commercial licence under which London Lives data is made available for reuse. We have also endeavoured to clarify how we define 'non-commercial' for use of our material.
  • We have added a supplement to the bibliography listing recent publications that cite London Lives as a source
  • We have taken the opportunity to correct a number of errors, including tagging errors and broken links. We are grateful to our registered users for reporting many of these errors. This means that searches conducted using version 2.0 may produce different results from those previously conducted. Changes include:
    • substantial improvements and corrections to name tagging in the Criminal Registers
    • fixes to broken image links in a number of files

What's New Archives

March 2017 Update

The majority of the site's search functions have now been restored, including searching sets, roles, and the metaphone option for name searches. A number of previously restricted name search options, including occupation and age, are now available to all site users (please bear in mind the cautionary note about the limitations of these searches). However, user workspaces and accounts cannot be restored at present. We regret any inconvenience caused and continue to work towards the restoration of these features.

Version 1.1, April 2012

The following changes were implemented during the first annual update of London Lives:

  • Keyword search is now the default form of search. We have made this change in order to emphasise the wide range of searchable text available on this website. All other forms of search, however, including Person Name search, remain available. Unfortunately, for technical reasons it is still not possible to combine person name and keyword searching.
  • Every document display page now includes, in the grey summary box near the top of the page, a link to the relevant background page which provides information about that document type.
  • We have provided instructions on the London Lives Wiki Homepage [no longer available] for what to do if you are unable to login using the same username and password you use for the main website.
  • In order to give credit to the full team that produced London Lives, our Citation Guide now includes a recommended form for citing the whole project. In addition, the list of project staff and their responsibilities has been revised.
  • We have fixed a bug which rendered some documents inaccessible.
  • Several corrections to the tagging and transcriptions have been made. We are grateful to our registered users for reporting many of these errors.

Searches produced using the site may therefore produce slightly different results than they have previously. For this reason it is important always to cite the current version number of the site (1.1), and date accessed, when composing citations to this website.