Parmenas Adcock, b. 1774

Pauper Boy Does Good

Parmenas Adcock was christened on 5 April 1774 at St Katherine by the Tower. His father, a cooper also called Parmenas, had married his mother, Jane Marr on 13 August 1765 at Christ Church, Spitalfields.1

Parmenas senior was admitted as a freeman of the Coopers Company on 6 December 1757, having completed his apprenticeship with James Butcher. From 1761 to 1770 he took on eleven apprentices, but then ceased to take any more.2 This could be a sign that his business had fallen on hard times.

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Enters the Workhouse

This was certainly true by 1778, when young Parmenas was admitted to the workhouse of St Botolph Aldgate on 5 August, aged 4 years, 5 months. On 17 August he was put under the care of Nurse Varwell (or Warvell) who lived at Barkingside, Essex. His care cost the parish 2s 6d a week. He appears to have stayed with Nurse Varwell until 28 March 1781, just after his 7th birthday, when he was delivered to his aunt.

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With the help of St Botolph's parish, Parmenas was able to survive a difficult time and live into adulthood. He married Jane Happey on 7 June 1802 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green, a few days before he became a freeman of the Cooper's Company, through patrimony, having already paid £5 3s 6d into the Company.3 Their son, Parmenas Thomas, was born on 22 December 1803.4

Thereafter, Parmenas disappears from the records. He certainly appears to have no longer been in need of any support from the parish.

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