St Clement Danes Parish:
Parish Apprenticeship Indentures and Registers

1st January 1784 - 28th March 1793

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Image 74 of 868th May 1792

Childrens Names


When Sent on Liking

Masters Names Trade & Residence

When Bound or Retd.

Money or Cloaths


Smith Sarah< no role >
Joseph Wells< no role > of Sheffield in Co: York Cotton Manufacturer
of Bound till [..] Ashon Bound 27 Feb:1790
Money 2:-:- 2:2:-
paid 2d part Fee 28th March 1798

Sutherland James< no role >
To John Birch< no role > Esqr of Cartmell Cotton Manufaturer Lancashire
Augt 5th. 1790
Do Do

Slim Ann< no role >
Do Do

Smith Susanna< no role >
Jno. Watson< no role > Junr. Roacher Mill Psh Sainsbury near Preston, Lancaster Cotton Manufacturer
Bound 15th Febry. 1791
Do. To be paid 4:2s:0
First part of this 100 paid Septr. 1791

Smith Elizth< no role >
Chosen by Mr Duxbury 1792
Jno Birch< no role > of Psh of Cartmell Lancashire Cotton Manufacturer
Bound 3d March 1792
Cloaths 2 Suits with the Child and Money payble at 7 Weeks date 2:0s at 3 years Service 2:2s
Child sent from 1792 by Waggon Beadle

Smith Thomas< no role >
abt 8
Chosen by same [..] on }
Bound 3d March 1792
Same Conson
sent from 1792 Waggon from Beadle

Searle Ann< no role >
abt. 12
John Wilson< no role > of Clare Street St Clement Danes Victualler
Bound 8th May 1792 till 21 or Marriage
2 Suits of Cloaths 2:0:0 to be paid at seven weeks date 2:2:0 at 3 Yrs. Service

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