St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

6th March 1766 - 23rd May 1769

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Image 368 of 38710th April 1769

her said Husbands Death she never rented House
Paid taxes or lived a hired Yearly Servant for one

Sworn this 7th. day of
Apil in the Year of our
1769 } Tho Lane< no role >

The Mark of
Ann [mark] Mills< no role >
Witness Petr Sidebotham< no role >


Francis Bishop< no role > of the Parish of Saint Clement Danes
in the Liberty of Westmr Beadle on behalf of James Tee < no role > on Infant
aged about fifteen years upon Oath Says that the said
James Tee was bound Apprentice by the Churchwardens
and Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish of Saint Clement
Danes By Indenture Dated the 14th. day of January
1768 to Edward Lyth< no role > of the Parish of Saint Paul Covent
Garden in the Liberty of Westmr. Perukemaker untill
the said James Tee shod Attain his full Age of Twenty
One Years according to the Statute in that Case made
& Provided As by the said Indenture of Apprenticeship
relation being thereunto had may more fully and at large
And further Says that the said James Tee never was
Assigned over or ever gained any or Subsequent Settlemt
to the Knowledge or belief of this Examinant

Sworn this 10th. day
April 1769 before Us} [..] R. Butler

Fras Bishop< no role >

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