City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

14th January 1785 - 26th December 1785

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Image 139 of 69718th March 1785

City & Liberty of
Westmr . in the
County of Midsex }

Informations taken this Eighteenth
day of March 1785 atthe Tothill
Fields Bridewell in the Parish of
St. Margaret within the Liberty of
Westmr. in the County of Middlesex
upon an Inquisition touching the
death of Mary Jokes< no role > a Prisoner
lying dead in the said Prison

Sarah Worrall< no role > a Prisoner in Tothill Fields
Bridewell on her Oath saith she has been
Prisoner there almost Eight Weeks, That
Mary Fokes< no role > the Deced has been Prisoner
there about six weeks, appearing to be
and continuedtheirso until this day
fortnight when she was Seized with
a violent Fever, and was light Headed
That she Fever continued to the time of
her death, which happened, this Morning
about five o'Clock, or a little after
Says that Deced had her Allowance every
Day from the Governor, and also Wine
and Broth sent her, Says that the Deced
was not ill used in said Prison and that
she died a natural Death

Sarah Worrall< no role >
her Mark

William Burton< no role > of Sturton Ground Apothecary
on his Oath saith, That on the Tenth Instant
he visited Mary Fokes< no role > in Tothill Fields
Bridewell , That she then had a Fever
which continued until her Death which
happened this Morning, and Dept. believes
that the Fever (which was a Putrid one)
was the cause of her Death.

Wm. Barton< no role > .

Severally Sworn the Day
Year & Place above
mentioned before me
Tho. Prickard< no role > Coroner }

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