Westminster Sessions:
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October 1719

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Westmr ss:

William Richlien< no role > of [..] Gen [..] Oath
that lately Thomas Burdus< no role > Esqr was [..] John
Slockwell The< no role > Prsent Keeper of the Gate [..] at the
House of Thosh. Johnston Esqr : and there the sd Thomas
Bardus did Reprimond the sd: Slockwell for [..]
Exorbitant Fees after which the Sd: Slockwell came [..]
the Winder Govern in Charing Cross in Company [..]
this Depont: and in great Fug and Passion [..]
Darnnation to Justice Birdas, and this Depont
hath frequently hear the sd Slockwell Exorbitant
against the sd. Mr: Burdas, as calling him [..]
Villam etc and this Depont: further saith that [..]
the sd. Slockwell Derlang in Westmr Hale he [..]
in Francis Callohill bringing an Indictment ag [..]
the sd: Bardus Esqr : and that to Morrow there should be
Two Actions brought against the sd: Thos. Burdus< no role >
Esqr : fox and on Acct: of the sd: Francis Callohill< no role >
and that at the same time Declared he wasanother
Enemy to the sd: Thomas Burdus< no role > Esqr . and would,
use his Endeavours to prejudice him all that lay
in his power.

Willm Richlien< no role >

Jury in day 9o die Octobr 1719
me [..] Sessions

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