Middlesex Sessions:
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April 1760

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Kerby Street 14 Apl. 1760

I was unwilling to take up too much of year Time, when I
waited on you in Castle Yard , and therefore the underwritten is
now offer'd to your Consideration by

Thomas Lane< no role > Esqr

Your most obedt Servt
Tho. Pingo< no role >

If it Should be urg'd that in St Andrews Parish they have no Substitute
I answer that Mr Cook of Hatton Garden had a Substitute; and
in the neighbouring Parishes of St Sepulchre , Clerkenwell and
Islington it is every Day the Practice

Besides if my Eyes were not weak I am so circumstanc'd in Trade
that I must lose all my Business or neglect the Duties of Headborough

An Engraver to the Exists Office the Business of making Hide:
Stamps, Call in be Linnen. Paper & Chos [..] for the Security of the Revenue must not be neglected

As Engraver to the Gold Smith's this Company for whom I make
the Punctus with which they Strike the Hall-Mark The Bussness
there is vastly increas'd Since the late Plate Acts has made it
a capital Offence to counterfeit the Same; and that Business
must be done on the Shortest Notice (for their Punches often bread)
otherwise all would be in Confusion at the Hall, and many
Plate manufacturers Stand Still

Besides am now complay'd, by Lord Bute, in graving a Pair of Dies
to Strike a large Medal of the Prince of Wales 's Head on one Side;
and on the other are Five Figures, which work is done with the
Knowledge of the Prince and requires [..] great Care and
Nicety om executing the Same; And is also in great Hast as
the Royal Family are frequently enquiring what progress is made

There is no Possibility of getting any Assistance in the
above Branches of Engraving To that I am under a Necessity
of working as long as my Eyes will permit

If it Should be urged that I have used Evasions in Shewing
them a Certificate, or Tybarn Ticket, and pretended the Same has
to be assign'd over to me-I ansr. that the Same was actually agreed
Son, but the Party, to whom it belongd, by Some Management
refused to assign the same without an advance there To [..]
may sd added-"That it is not my Service but my Fine that is
wanted, by the Court Leet Jurors for the Purpose of Luxury

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