Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

July 1757

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Six pence for the [..] Subsistance of every Vagrant in their Passage The said
Sum of Six pence to be incerted in the Certificate and Payable by the Treasurer
or High Constables upon the said Adams producing such Certificate with a
Receipt upon the Back of the Delivery of the Vagrant and Oath made by the said
Adams before some Magistrate of the Delivery of such Vagabond And the
said Adams Engages to deliver on the County Day of every Sessions in
Middlesex and to every Quarter Sessions at Westminster a true List of the
Names of such Vagabonds who have been Conveyed by him between Session
and Sessions distinguishing the Bridewell or other Place from whence such
Vagabonds were taken The date of the Pass The Place where delivered
Place of Settlement of such Vagrants And the Name of the Magistrate who
Signed the Pass and if required will verify such List upon Oath

And the said Adams is willing to Contract for such time and under
such other regulations as shall seem meet to the Courts of Session of
the said County and City and Liberty And will give undeniable Security to
Perform his Contract if required

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