Middlesex Sessions:
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July 1757

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Object of Distress, the Justice is desired to order such sherdy Beggar or
Counterfeit to be publickly whipped, & to take the Examination of
such Vagrant in writing upon oath touching the place of his or her
Settlement, & transmit it to the next Sessions to be recorded in order
to prove such Vagrant an incorrigible Rogue uponthehis Comission of the
like offence after such Punishmt.

But where such Vagrant shall appear to be a real object of
compassion, that the Justice would committ him or her to Bridewell
and in the Commitment [..] order their continuance there to be
till the next Sessions, unless sooner passed, when the Justice may
upon sending down the pass determine the confinement, and also
contributepromote the regular conveyance of such Vagrants
by the Contractor according to the said Proposal,

And it is farther recommended to the sd Justices to be
punctual in sending to the next Sessions Duplicates of the Passes
& Examinations as is by Law required, in order that incorrigible
Rogues may be the easier convicted & punished as the Law

And it is hereby farther ordered that the Keeper of Bridewell
do in a proper Book enterAlphabeticallythe Christian & Surnames Alphabetically of all Vagabonds
that shall for the future be committed to his custody,intogether with
the time oftheircommitment, the place of Settlemt. & their Age
& such brief description of their persons as may enable him or
his Agent to recollect any Person who shall be a second time
committed for the like offence, upon discovery of which the Keeper
or his Agent is hereby required to apply to theJusticeMagistrate
who committed him for a detainer untill the Sessions, & then the Keeper
is to produce such Prisoner in order to be convicted as an incorrigible
Rogue, & upon such conviction the said Keeper shall have an order

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