Middlesex Sessions:
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July 1757

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prove the former Punishments of such Va-

Upon the Examination of your Con-
tractor Mr. Adam's Account< no role > , it appears
that he hath conveyed 1159 Persons by 622
Orders, within his Years Contract, which
upon a Computation of Seven Shillings an
Order, amounts to 217.14s. (such Compu-
tation being justified by an Inspection of
the Gross of the Orders the preceding
Year) but if the Sum of 149.13s, which
was ordered contrary to the said Order of
Sessions be added, it makes the Sum 367.7s,
when deducting 120. the contractors Salary
and Extra Maintainence, the Saving to the
County is sufficient to Demonstrate the Util-
ity of the said Order of Sessions.

Upon the Whole, your Committee duly
considered the Premises, think themselves
fully justified in declaring their Opinion,
that the Order of Sessions of July 14th. 1757.
hath been productive of good Consequences
to this County, by saving a large Sum of
the Public Money; and in many Respects
it hath produced more regular Proceeding
upon the Vagrant Act, and your Committee
report it their Opinion, that the Interest of
this County is greatly, concerned in the full
and explicit Compliance of the Magistrate
to the said Order, and that the said Order
ought to be inforced by the Sessions by all

lawful Means, and your Committee are of
Opinion that if any Opposition should con-
tinue to the Efforts of the Sessions to save
the Public Money, considering that the great
Sums of Money thus expended, hath not in
the least answered the Intention of the Legi-
slature, the Nuisance of Beggars still con-
tinuing as great as ever. This Court are
possessed of Facts sufficient to justify an Ap-
plication to Parliament, for an Alteration of
the Law in this Respect to prevent the Dis-
sipation of the Public Money ; and that such
Application would be beneficial to this and
other County's.

Your Committee then proceeded to
take into Consideration, the Proposal of
John Sturges Adams< no role > referred to them, rela-
ting to the Conveying Vagabonds from the
North, East, and West Parts of this County
to their respective Settlements in this Coun-
ty, and forwarding those whose Destination
is through this County; and to clear the
Bridewells and other Places of Lodgment of
Vagabonds four Times every Week, (that is
to say) twice a Week to the North and East,
and twice to the West, and regularly go to
Colnbrooke and Stains twice a Week, and the
same to South Mims and Endfield , to receive
and convey Vagabonds there lodged, to their
respective Settlements, Etc. All which the
said Adams proposes to do for 200. per ann.
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