Middlesex Sessions:
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October 1754

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To the Right Worshipfull His Majesty's Justices of the
Peace for The City and Liberty of Westminster in their
General Quarter Session of the Peace Assembled.

The Humble Petition of Charles Green< no role > the Apprentice of Robert
< no role > Cordwainer in the Parish of Saint Margaret within
the City and Liberty of Westminster

Humbly Sheweth.

That by Indenture of Apprenticeship bearing date the 20th. day of March 1753. (26th. George 2d.)
Your Petitioner by the Name and Addition of Charles Green< no role > Son of John Green< no role > of the Parish of Saint Ann Westminster
did put himself apprentice to Robert House< no role > aforesaid (by the Name and Addition of Robert House< no role > of St. Margaret
Westminster Cordwainer ) to Learn his Art, and with him after the Manner of an Apprentice to serve from the day of
the date thereof unto the full end and Term of Seven Years from thence next following To be fully Compleat and Ended.

By which said Indenture (among other things) the said Master Covenanted that in Consideration of Ten pounds and Ten
Shillings to the said Master in hand paid by the said Further of your Petitioner he would Teach & Instruct and cause to be Taught and
Instructed the said apprentice in the Art of Cordwainer which he then used and still doth use in the best manner he could And furthermore
that the said Master should not Oblige the said Apprentice to Travel otherwise than he the said master should Travell himself.
as in and by the said recited Indenture of Apprenticeship Relation being thereunto had may appear more fully.

That the said Robert House< no role > Since the date of the said Indenture hath not performed all the Covenants on his part
but hath refused and still doth refuse to Teach and Instruct or Cause to be taught and Instructed Your Petitioner in the Art of
Cordwainer . And also Compells your petitioner to Travell to different Country Fairs on foot at Large and wide
Distances from home when his said Master is conveyed to the said Fairs either on Horse back or by some other
Easy Carriage To Your Petitioners great detriment and Deprivation of his health

Your Petitioner therefore for the Reason aforesaid Humbly prays that this
Honourable Court will be Pleased to Order that the said Indenture of Apprentice
Ship may be Vacated and Discharged and that the said Robert House< no role > may be
Compelled to Restore and Repay to your Petitioner such a proportion able Share
of the Ten pounds and Ten Shillings as in your Wisdom shall seem Just
and Reasonable

And your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever Pray etc

Charles Green< no role >

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