Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1715

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Image 63 of 18530th December 1714

Middx ss:

Ad Genll: Quarteriall. Session paris Dui Regis tent P Com Middx apnd
Hicks hall in St: John Street in Com pres. P adjorsd, Die Lune Scilt
Undecimo die Octobris ano regui Dui Georgy Hunc regis Mag. Britan
Etc: primo:

It is Ordered by this Court that it be, And it is hereby recomended unto
Samll. Benson< no role > Nathll: Manlove< no role > Joseph Jory < no role > Robert Dennet< no role > & Samll:
< no role > Esqrs . Justices of ye. peace for this this County; Or any Two
of them; to Sumon before, them ye. churchwardens & Overseers of ye
poor of ye. parish of St: Leonard Shoreditch in this County, and to
examine into ye. truth of ye. peticoners. Compll and to Certifie their
oppinions touchinge ye. premisses wthin menconed, unto his Matis:
Justices of ye. peace for this County at ye. next Genell: Quarter Sessions
of ye. peace to be held for this County.

P Cur

Pet Henry Burton< no role >
to be dischargd. from paying
to ye. poors Rate Shoreditch
And Justices report:

ref to Mr. Benson
Mr. Manlove
Cor Jory
Mr. Dennet
Mr. Skinner
or 2
to ex & cert

Decemr: ye: 30th:1714 :
Mr: Manlove
Mr. Skinner

The churchwds. & Mr. Stead Ovrss. of upon
Ordered to be dischargd from
paying any thinge towards
either of ye. wthin meconed

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