Middlesex Sessions:
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October 1711

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The Informacon of Elizabeth Hills< no role > Wife
George Hills< no role > Marriner of Wapping Stepney
taken on Oath before me Bastwick Johnson< no role >
Esqr . one of her Maties Justices of the Peace
of the Said County this 1th of October 1711

Who Sayth upon her Oath that in Easter Week
last past this Informant was att the house of
Powel Revel< no role > living att the Rose and Crowne in
old gravil Lane and that one John Fuller< no role > a
Distiller came into the Said house andheafter
drinking a Flask of Wyne and Some Panch this
Informant and the Said Fuller about Five of
the Clock in the Evening went to Bed togeather
in the Said house and lay tie a Eleaven att night
and Whilst thay ware in Bed Christian Revel< no role >
wife of the Said Powel Revel came intothe
Roome and brought a Flask of Wyne and a
bottle of Syder for this Informant & Fuller to
drink and further this Informant Sayth that
the Said Christian Revel Cent the Said Fuller
halfe a Crowne to give this Informant for lyeing
with her and that the Said Fuller Spent near
twenty Shillings att the Same time and the we Son
Why the Said Christian Revel < no role > Cent the Said Fuller
the halfe Crowne was for that She knew him very
well for that She bought brandy of him and
that the Said Christian Revel knew att the
Same time he lay with this Informant that he
the Said Fuller had a wife and Children

Jurat die et an
Supd Cor me
Bast. Johnson< no role >

Elizabeth Hills< no role >

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