Middlesex Sessions:
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October 1711

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Articles [..] ted before her Maties Justices of Goale Do [..]
Said County of Middlx Sitting att Justices Hall in the old Bayly Le [..]
Sophia Ballard< no role > Elizabeth Halsall< no role > and others against Henry Mo< no role > [..]
Master or Keeper of the house of Correccon in the Said County for Suffering [..]
escape the Prisoners convicted and others comitted to the custody by her Maties
Justices of Goal Detery or Justices of the peace of the Said County & for not Pmitting
& Suffering the said Prisoners att their wills & Pleasures to Send for and have any
beer ale Victuals and other necessary food where & from whence they please
& otherwise cruelly & parbarously useing them whereby Sevall have perished there
through his default contrary to the forme of the Statutes in those cases made & pvided


For that the Said Henry Moult < no role > pmitted one Mary Stent< no role > als Phillips< no role > a Convict and as Such
comitted to his custody, and Sevall fitters likewise comitted to his custody for Sevall misdemeanors to escape & goe at large


For that the Said Henry Moult< no role > Suffered Sevall poor prisoners comitted to his custody by Sevall of her
Maties Justices of the peace for this County for Sevall misdemeanors to be Starved by hunger & cold for
Want of Sufficient dyett and Straw to lye upon, allowing them neither Fire nor Candle and by pmitting
one Jane Gregory< no role > &Wilson [..] the Said Henry Moults Servants cruelly to beat & refuse


For that the Said Henry Moult< no role > hundred & obstructed the Said Elizabeth Halsall< no role > & Sevall others
from carrying provisions to the prisoners in the Said prison and hath not allowed the prisoners
So much as water to drink for Sevall months together


For that the Said Henry Moult< no role > hath often cruelly beaten & abused the prisoners comitted to his
custody & hath pmitted the Said Jane Gregory< no role > to doe the like


For that the Said prisoners in the Said Henry Moults< no role > custody for want of convenient dyett and
Subsistence have been forced to eat Turnepp Topps, pareings of Turnepps, Pease & Beane
Shells which they took of the Dunghill in the yard belonging to the Said prisons and to eat
vine and Cabbage Leaves


For that Sevall prisoners in the Said Henry Moults< no role > custody (vizt) Mary Taylor< no role > Jane Boulton< no role > Joseph< no role >

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