Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Order for raising Money
for the Purposes mentioned
in an Act of Parliament
for the more easy assessing
Collecting and Levying of
County Rates.}

Whereas by virtue of an Act of Parliament made in the
twelfth year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George
the Second Intituled An Act for the more easy Assessing
Collecting and levying of County Rates, the Justices of the
Peace in that part of Great Britain called England within
the Respective Limits of their Commissions at their General
or Quarter Sessions or the greater part of them then and there
assembled have full power and Authority from time to time
to make one General Rate or Assessment for Such Sum or
Sums of Money as the Said Justices in their Discretions
Should think Sufficient to answer all and every the Ends and
purposes mentioned in the Said Act, Now for as much as it
appeareth unto this Court that three fourths of the money of
the last Rate made in May Sessions 1746, being the last
proceeding Rate hath been paid and Expended to answer
the Ends and Purposes mentioned in the Said Act of Parliamt.
And that it is necessary that a Considerable Sum of Money
Should be raised and a Rate made upon the Towns Parishes
and Places in the Said County for raising of Money to answer
the Several Ends and Purposes mentioned in the Said Act of
Parliament This Court upon Consideration of the Premisses
is of Opinion and doth accordingly order that a General
Rate be made and Assessed upon every Town Parish
or Place in the Said County for raising the Sum of twelve
hundred Pounds which this Court doth think necessary to be
raised for the Purposes aforesaid, and to the intent the Same
Sum may be raised for the Purposes aforesaid This Court
by virtue of the Said Act doth Assess upon every Town
Parish and Place herein after mentioned in the respective
Hundreds and Divisions in the Said County of Middx and
within the Jurisdiction & Authority of this Court (according to
the Proportion they have been usually Assessed towards
raising of Moneys for the passing and relieving of Vagrants
the respective Sums of Money following (that is to Say)

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