Old Bailey Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

16th January 1756 - 23rd December 1756

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Image 31 of 12419th February 1756


At the Delivery of the King's Goal of Newgate holden for the
County of Middlesex at Justice Hall in the Old Bailey in the
Suburbs of the City of London on Wednesday the Twenty fifth
day of February in the Twenty ninth year of the Reign of our
Sovereign Lord George the Second new King of Great Britain
Etc And in the year of our Lord 1756.

John Parkin< no role >
John Wetherell< no role > }
Attainted of Several Felonies Forgeries
& Robery are Severally to be hanged by
the Neck until they are dead,

William Login< no role >
Elizabeth Gill< no role >
Phillip Trevis< no role >
John Wigmore< no role >
John Peace< no role >
Mary Kingston< no role >
Richard Harvey< no role >
Henry Horne< no role >
Winefred Quin< no role >
John Wood< no role >

{Elizabeth< no role > Wife of
John Brown< no role > }

John Nevell< no role >
Mary [..]
Mary Townley< no role >
Lewis Rousser< no role >
Richard Sampson< no role >

{Elizabeth< no role > the Wife
of James Royston< no role > }

Sarah Lee< no role >
Honour Costelle< no role > }
Convicted of Several Felonies are
Ordered to be transported to some of
his Majesty's Colonies & Plantations
in American for the Term of Seven

Elizabeth Savage< no role >
Convicted of Petty Larceny is ordered
to be openly & publickly whipt until
her Body is bloody & discharged & if
discharged to pay 4s.

Benjamin Remmer< no role >
Convicted of Felony and [..] Judgement being
respited is order to remain

John Johnson< no role >
Edward Pence< no role >
Francis Hodges< no role >
Nathaniel Harrison< no role > }
Acquitted of Several Felonies are
ordered to be discharged

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