Old Bailey Sessions:
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16th January 1756 - 23rd December 1756

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Image 26 of 12419th February 1756

2d. Middx Paper

James Duppa< no role >
Richard Colley< no role >
Matthew Thompson< no role >
William Walton< no role >
Matthew Scarrett< no role >
Nathaniel Cowdery< no role >
Samuel Manning< no role >

[mark] 17{John Pease< no role >
For Stealing on the 20th. January
last at the Parish of Hillingdon Eight
Gold Rings enamelled & Set with Chrystal
Stones & Small Diamonds called Sparks
V. 12.16s. of Edward Russell< no role >

Edward Pease< no role >
Franis Hodges< no role > }
Accessaries after the said Felony
committed for receiving one gold Ring
enamelled & set with a Chrystal & Stone &
two Diamond Sparks parcel of the
aforesd. Goods well knowing the same
to be Stolen agt. the Statute

William Young< no role >
William Heworth< no role >
John Lammin< no role >

[mark] 18 Lewis Rousser< no role >
For Burglariously breaking & entring
the Dwelling House of James Bridges< no role > Esqr
on the 17th. of January last about the
Hour of Ten in the Night at the Parish
of St. George Hanover Square and
Stealing four Daws. V.8s. fifteen
pair of molding planes V. 30s. three
Firmers V. 12d. one Hammer V. 6d.
one Sett Stone V.12d. of William Young< no role >
Six Saws V. 30s. Sixteen pair of [..]
Molding planes V. 30s. and Six Oges V. 6d.
Six Chisels V. 2s. and Six Gonges V. 18d.
of William Heworth< no role > in the said Dwelling

William Barnes< no role >
James Hant< no role >
Henry Stockdill< no role >

[mark] 19 The Same
For Stealing on the 8th. of January last
at the Parish of St. Mary le Bone one
saw V. 2s. Two planes V. 2s. & four
Chisels V. 12d. of William Barnes< no role >

guilty No. 18

John Middleton< no role >
John Winter< no role >
John Plue< no role >

[mark] 20 Sarah Lee< no role > Spr .
For Stealing on the first of January
last at the Parish of St. John Wapping
one Silk Handkerchief V. 6s. one Silk
Capachin V.2s. one pair of Gold Ear
rings V. 2s. One pair of Silver Shoe
Buckles V. 18d. one pair of Silver
Sleeve Buttons V. 4d. one pair of Stays
V. 12d. & one Cotton Skirt V. 6d. of
Sarah Campbell< no role > Spr.

Mary Markbee< no role >

[mark] 21. The Same
For Stealing on the 11th. of February
instant at the Parish of Stepney one
Gold Necklace with a Lockett set in Silver
V. 5s. & one pair of gold Wires V. 4d. of
Sarah Markbee< no role > Spr.

Mary Dearson< no role >

22. The Same
For Stealing on the 10th. of January last at
at the Parish of White Chapple one Gold
Necklace with a gold Locket V. 10s. & one pair
of Stays V. 3s. of Bulwin Dearson< no role > .

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