Old Bailey Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

16th January 1756 - 23rd December 1756

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Image 37 of 12419th February 1756


At the Delivery of the King's Gaol of Newgate holden
for the County of Middx at Justice Hall in the old
Bailey in the Suburbs of the City of London on
Wednesday the Twenty eighth day of April in the
Twenty ninth year of the Reign of our Sovereign
Lord George the Second now King of Great Britain
Etc And in the year of our Lord 1756

William Fritle< no role >
Stephen Sutton< no role >
John Lees< no role >
James Palmer< no role >
Jonathan Theobald< no role >
Thomas Caigew< no role > }

Joshua Lascelles< no role >
George Hart< no role >
James Taylor< no role >
William Burton< no role >
Patrick Lutterell< no role >
Richard Harris< no role > }

The Names of the Jurors to try between our
Sovereign Lord the King and Daniel Daugherly< no role >
Neal Dougherly Terence Mc. Guire< no role > & Hugh Gorgan< no role >

Henry Scot< no role >
James Bagnall< no role >
Richard Smith< no role >
Richard Prosser< no role >
John Ballard< no role >
James Welch< no role >
William Insley< no role > }

William Insley< no role >
Peter Lequainter< no role >
Thomas Spicer< no role >
Edward Taster< no role >
Francis Sheffield< no role >
Richard Turner< no role > }

Lord Mayor
Lord Cheif Justice Ryder
Mr. Justice Clive
Mr. Baron Leggs
Mr. Aldn. Bluckford
Mr. Recorder
Mr. Alderman Dickenson}

Bethell Mayor

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