St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens' Vouchers/Receipts

28th March 1683 - 15th October 1729

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Image 116 of 83527th June 1711

Eliz Roberts< no role >
Feb 18 To her being deld. in ye Sheele in
ye right} -5-0
doTo ye Midwife8-
do to ye watch car her to hed1-6
21Expend endeavring to find her settle
ment & clear ye parish of her [..]
24pd her House10-6
Feb:1 pd Dittoto [..] agreed15-0
do pd Mr Fox blanket shop planter by her5-
5gave her & subsistance10-
6more ditto6-6
pd 4 her Lodging2-
21 pd Mr Ingram disbursmt for her5-0
do sd 3 Watchman attending 2 day to
at pd marg witness she was broth [..] Cornhill
Attending were to times at ye 2d Mayer
wth Witness} -2-6

Eliz Richardson< no role >
to pd Porter to Carry her to a lodging the being
10:15 why ill & part to ye Parish}-1-6
20To a House for her-5-0
do pd for her at ye Tun-1-10
Do pd Porter to carry her to ye hospital-2-
do Expend wth well mayting to yet her in wch was done-1-6
do To ye House there ye we Worris as usuall-2-6
do To Ship for her-2-6
do sundry other things at pd Mr Westler5-
do pd Wm Fox< no role > for her gt Honble & ye wall
days she speat abt her}-2-8
pd do & shift Apron Hand kerchiefof 20 Shoes7-6

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